Community and School Outreach Programs

With the use of community dialogues a strategy used in the local communities of Uganda, Fabs Organisation works to unfold the process of transforming and deepening the understanding of others and ourselves. This is done by listening,sharing and questioning members in these communities.With this strategy we don’t aim at creating arguments but rather information sharing on community levels.

Tv and Radio Shows

Fabs greatly uses the media approach to enhance learning and information sharing across various boarders. Fabs has various media partners to ensure this approach is achieved.

Music, Dance and Film

The use of Music, dance and Drama and creative arts is something that Fabs doesn’t plight in. It’s a joy to tell of whatever happens in our communities in a creative way. Fabs has audio and visual effects of the same in this strategy.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a tool that Fabs uses greatly. This is used to coordinate efforts to reinforce any of our given campaigns. Social media enables the team increase focus and gain targets.

Peer to Peer Dialogues

This approach enables efficient knowledge sharing among peers. This approach is able to provide a very flexible environment to discuss and engage people at grass root levels.

Partnerships and Linkages

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With our various partners, we ensure to reach out and work together to achieve our targets as Fabs. We have established partners and links across the globe.