Individuals,  Local communities, Organisations (CSO’s, CBO’s, NGOs) and other Private entities can get involved in Fabs organisation activities in different ways as shown below;

  • Be part of the team
  • Volunteer with us
  • Host us at your school
  • Invite us to your community
  • Feature us on your TV/Radio Talk show
  • Donate to the cause
  • Become an influential speaker to the young people
Members from FABS, during a talkshow on NBS TV.
Members from FABS, during a talkshow on NBS TV.
Field activity by Fabs
Field activity by Fabs


  1. As an organization we have been working with communities especially in western and central regions of Uganda to ensure youths & women’s reproductive health rights are respected.
  2. We have been advocating for children by choice not by chance in our society, a strategy aimed at ensuring youths & women are part of decisions involving child bearing in their homes in our SRHR Programs.
  3. We have developed a dynamic, proactive and all-inclusive system of management that is strategic on approaches that effectively influence policy and decision-making in our society putting youths & women in strategic leadership positions in our society in our all-inclusive policy and leaderships programs.
  4. Our organization has also been committed to the transformation of the unequal gender relations in society as well as promoting networking amongst youths & women and other development partners based on mutual trust and respect for one another under the feminist program.


  • We would like to see a society where gender equity is prioritized at all levels i.e. in governance, community and families.
  • We look forward to a society where youths & women are free of all forms of gender based discrimination/ violence.
  • We are focused towards seeing law and policy implementers respect youths & women in society, we have witnessed scenarios where youths & women are manhandled especially when being arrested, as a feminist group we strongly condemn these actions.
2011 Keep-Mbarara-Clean
2011 Keep-Mbarara-Clean