• To advocate for the SRH rights of adolescents and young people
  • We work with partners to put up a fight against child and forced marriages
  • To strenthen service delivery of quality , accessible and affordable SRHR services
  • We advocate for the elimination of FGM


  • The maternal mortality rate in Uganda is at 438 per 100,000 live births.
  • In Uganda 26% women die due to abortion related cases of these majority are young girls
  • 26% of women aged between 15-49 years are using family planning, modern contraception use remains low.
  • 5% of the health centers in Uganda provide Youth friendly SRH services and of these 63% are not contented with the services provided at these health centers
  • More than four in 10 births are unplanned
  • 8% youths will be ready to answer questions related to abortion and the risks associated with an abortion.
  • 15 million girls a year marry before the age of 18 or one girl every two seconds.
  • 19.5 million Ugandans have access to mobile phones.
  • Uganda is still classified as a high burden country with high number of persons living with HIV which is still on an increase

Given all the statistics, and facts above, from end to end in various communities in Uganda, we have instigated a number of strategies to address these issues to mention a few; working with volunteers/peer educators at schools and champions for change in the community, mentorship programs making use of role models, influential speakers, creating strategic partnerships with other organizations working in the field of SRHR, use of broadcast media that is television, radio and online media without forgetting entertainment, drama and creative art.